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Maroubra Bay P&C


Recent fundraising initiatives;

  • 2024 - $55,000 towards shade over the basketball court
  • 2022 - $10,000 for student toilet upgrades
  • 2020 - $10,000 for wellbeing resources and maths resources
  • 2019 - $22,000 in conjunction with Superhero Walk for new playground
  • 2019 - $5,000 for Home Readers in classrooms

For more information on current initiatives, please check out Maroubra Bay P&C through;

Website -

Facebook - @maroubrabaypandc

Email  -

Welcome to the Maroubra Bay Public School P&C Association.

Who We Are:

We are a voluntary association of parents and carers from the MBPS community who strive to improve the opportunities and facilities provided for the children at our school, and to encourage the participation of parents and carers in the life of our school.

What We Do:

The P&C is involved in a range of day-to-day aspects of school life. For instance, we work alongside the teaching staff to provide a helping hand at schools events, such as sports carnivals and concerts. We run the school's fabulous garden and use it to promote ideas of sustainability and environmental responsibility within our students. We organise working bees to improve the schools fixtures and facilities. We manage the sale of school uniforms in order to enhance the school's identity and promote a sense of belonging, whilst minimising the cost to parents.  

Two of the P&C's most important activities are raising money and investing it back into the school. We do not receive money from Government, and no portion of school fees goes to the P&C. Our sole source of revenue comes from our own fundraising efforts, and this is especially important being a small school. Fundraising takes time and effort by volunteers, so all revenue raised is precious and we are careful with how we spend it. We can't afford to waste any resources, but equally, all funds are raised with the express intent of being directed back into the school for the improvement of educational and recreational facilities.

Executive and Committees:

At the beginning of each year the P&C elects an Executive Committee as well as Subcommittee Coordinators & Members. These are as follows:

  • Office-bearers of the Executive Committee (President, Vice President x 2, Treasurer and Secretary)
  • Committees (Uniforms, Fundraising, Environment, Ethics and Garden)


P&C monthly meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month, except during school holidays, to publicise its activities and promote involvement in the P&C, its goals and activities. Meetings are either in the school Library or online through Zoom. 

Keeping Informed about your P&C:

The P&C produces a Newsletter each fortnight and is sent home via the school's Skoolbag app.

The foundation of a productive P&C is active participation, so we encourage your involvement in our meetings as well as our activities and projects. So if you wish to get involved or have any ideas, please don't hesitate to contact us.